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We believe that all people deserve better health through Chiropractic care. We do not care if you have insurance or not. We make our care affordable. By removing spinal pressure on nerves we know that you will be without pain and have a much better functioning body. Through spinal manipulation pressure on the nerves from the surrounding bones (subluxation) can be removed and the body can be restored back to it's healthy state. Pills only cover symptoms while the body just continues to get sicker and sicker. This year alone over 365,000 people will die from prescription drugs alone.

Only a Chiropractor can determine spinal pressure and the damage that it is causing you and only a Chiropractor can remove it from your spine. Every organ in the body is controlled by the nervous system. Even the miniscul amount of pressure on a nerve can cause mal function of the tissue, muscle, and even organ. Our treatment is safe, gentle, and enjoyable.

Besides having the latest technology in our office from thermal scanners to digital radiography we have kind and compassionate doctors and staff members. "If we can help you we will tell you, and if we can't we will tell you that also!"

We also offer our patients the DRX9000 which is the non-surgical treatment of neck and back pain. If you have been told that you need to have back or neck surgery, come to our office so that we may give you a safe alternative. One in which there is not a long recovery period that puts your life on hold for 6 months.


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